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Looking to Get A Portable Sawmill That is Right for You: Read This First!

A sawmill has proven to be the best instrument for cutting woods for personal or commercial purposes. The portable sawmill is a simple and suggestive system of slicing trees into woods.

However, there are several brands of portable sawmill sold worldwide. A timber proprietor has to choose from a wide range of factories. An individual who requires to saw wood for commercial purposes also has to carefully choose the right company to buy from.

One of the most important elements of buying a sawmill is choosing the right one. Making the wrong choice can cost you in terms of time and labour. This makes it incumbent to make the right decision when choosing from a wide range of options present in the market.

Sawmilling can cause stress and strain on the user and the machine. This makes it very important to purchase the right machine.

When choosing the company to buy a sawmill from, one has to put several factors into consideration, to get the best experience. Some sets of specifications determine the type of product to purchase. For example, the layout, cost, price, design, and accessories of the sawmill.

Below are the parameters to consider when choosing a sawmill.

1. The size of the operation

The total mill production capacity is a critical factor that must be considered when choosing your sawmill. While a hobby sawyer will not need a mill that can produce an output of 20, 000 board daily, an income-producing mill must have the manufacturing capacity and capability.

A circular saw rig is best for production efficiency and band mills cut over 20 percent more woods than circular saws.

The cost of purchasing a mill should be directly proportional to the production of the mill. Portable sawmill manufacturers, such as Lucas Mill, are honest about the production realities and will provide information of customers who will give honest reviews about the machine.

For over 23 years, the circular wing-blade portable sawmill has been the flagship product of Lucas Mill. The machines can be operated on any terrain and they are designed to suit the harvesting of both hard and soft timber species. The mills are versatile in the sense that the operators will have the ability to cut both small and large boards to specific dimensions and wastage will be minimized.

2. What will you cut?

Before selecting a mill, ensure that you determine the size of the logs and product you want to cut. Purchasing a mill that does not match with the size of your log and product will cause you financial loss and wasted raw material.

To determine the size of the mill to purchase, consider the length of the average tree and the log diameter. Mismatched mills can be costly. This is because a mill manufactured to run on large logs will not manage small logs and large logs can damage small mills.

When choosing a sawmill, you should also consider the tree species and products that you want to cut.

Lucas Mill has got you covered. We provide sawmills that cut the hardest wood both vertically and horizontally. The machines are not affected by the largest or hardest types of woods. Our machines are that confident of their operations.

3. Hydraulics

Hydraulic power makes the process of sawing easier and faster. However, they can add to the cost of a sawmill, making it very expensive.

People find the attribute associated with hydraulics very important because they minimize log handling time. Log handling time, in turn, increases production and bring out the back-breaking sawing work.

Hydraulics decreases manual labour, increases production, reduces the need for extra equipment and saves cost.

Lucas mill’s portable sawmill has hydraulic loading arms. This increases the degree of mechanization and performs the features enlisted above.

4. Accessories

Most portable sawmills are provided with some accessories that can significantly add to the cost of the sawmill equipment. Your type of operation will determine if some of these accessories will be necessary or not.

Most portable sawmills come with accessories. One thing you should note is that accessories can make the sawmill more expensive. These accessories might be needed and might not be. This will depend on your type of operation.

An automated sharpener for bland blades can cost a lot of money. Some sawyers have discovered that sharpening the tools themselves is the most-economic way to operate. They’ve also discovered the practice of shipping their blades to a sharpening company or getting rid of their blades after some hours of usage. Your choice will depend on your production requirements.

Buying a best-in-class portable sawmill will preserve the quality of your wood and produce the perfect lumber. Lucas Mill is the solution to having the perfect machine for your lumber needs.

To find out more about the type of sawmills we offer, kindly send us an email at or click HERE to speak to one of our representatives.

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