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Buy Your Timber or Get Your Own Portable Sawmill?

Timber is a commodity that is used for structural purposes and it serves other purposes, such as the production of wood, furniture, paper, etc. This type of wood, which has been processed into planks and beams, is an indispensable product.

If you haven’t considered buying a timber. Here are reasons why you should.

1. Timber is steady and reliable

Timber is a steady investment and its growth process can easily be monitored.

2. It is easy to invest in timber

Timber is a simple real estate transaction that is easy to handle. It is as straightforward as buying land, signing the paperwork and owning it.

3. It is uncomplicated

You do not need much to purchase timber and after buying it, you can decide your next line of action. It could be to lease the land out or sell the trees directly.

4. The land is intrinsically valuable

Profit can be generated from the harvesting of older trees. Granting licenses to fishers and hunters can also generate income.

5. It’s a shield against inflation

Timber has proven to be a great shield against inflation because land is an immobile asset that is inherently valuable and limited in supply.

Now that you’ve known the importance of purchasing timber, have you ever considered purchasing a portable sawmill to start a sawmilling business and cutting your own timber?

Below are the reasons why you should get your own portable sawmill rather than buying timber:

  • An opportunity to enjoy sawmilling

Getting your own portable sawmill allows you the opportunity to own your portable sawmill and derive satisfaction in producing your own timber.

  • Potential for business growth and good income

The demand for wood products will always remain the same even when timber and housing market prices are down. With a portable sawmill, you can mill the most profitable wood at any point in time, and this has potential for business growth.

  • With a portable sawmill, it is economically possible to run woodlands for sustainable timber production

It boosts the value of trees harvested and this makes it practical to harvest trees at their peak value, salvage dead and dying trees, and remove cull trees.

  • Access to quality species of wood

A commercial sawmill will not cut old species to sell to expertise markets. With a bandsaw, you can cut each log for its greatest use.

  • A portable sawmill allows you to be your own boss!

With a portable sawmill, you can decide to make money in different ways. You can decide to mill on-site for customers and charge a fee by board footage or hour. You can also mill logs for customers or saw out cut lists. This shows that getting your own portable sawmill translates to creating a business.

  • It can turn out as an amazing family project

Working as a unit as you put the sawmill together can be a fun experience. It can also be a learning experience to your children as they assist you, creating an avenue for the family to work together.

  • The trees from the land can be utilized for several building projects

Having access to timber will allow you to use your timber to build a garage, barn, etc. and as you build, you are also cleaning up your land, which will, in turn, make the trees grow healthier.

  • It meets several needs

You can begin by running the sawmill as a way to provide lumber for your woodworking projects and your building. And as time goes on, you can enhance your output by adding a hydraulic log handling, log deck, and even hire people to move and load logs.

  • You have the freedom to make any project

You can turn trees into mantles, cabinets, tables, furniture, etc., and you can cut a board at any point in time.

When you own a portable sawmill, you will have the freedom to make objects without having to spend money at a superstore.

The reasons above explain why it necessary to get your own portable sawmill instead of buying timber.

Before purchasing a portable sawmill, ensure you consider the following:

a. The cost of the sawmill

When considering costs, make sure you know what you’re exchanging your money for. You should know that the cheapest doesn’t translate to the best.

b. Time

Time, they say, is the most valuable thing a man can spend. So, find out what you plan on using the sawmill for and estimate the number of man-hours it can save you compared to your current situation.

c. Opportunities

Consider how the sawmill can generate extra sources of income for you. This will translate to a replacement in the cost of purchasing the equipment. Also, consider how it fits into your current and future plans.

d. Safety

One of the most essential points to consider is buying a safe product. Ensure that you conduct proper research to find out about the engineering, technology, and safety of the equipment. Find out where the sawmill was built and the quality of the parts used.

e. Reputation

Find out about people’s experiences with the portable sawmill and its manufacturer. Also, check for customer reviews online. Our portable sawmill, produced by Lucas Mill, can boast of meeting the needs of customers. Anyone who has used our equipment has a good story to tell. We have received positive feedback of our products.

To purchase a portable sawmill that will save you cost and meet with your demands, ensure you buy from a reputable company such as Lucas Mill. We offer several models of portable sawmill and a range of board shaping, surfacing and track options.

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