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Lucas Mill has three options when it comes to slabbing – the Dedicated Slabber, Super Slabber and the Slabbing Attachment.

The Dedicated Slabber or Super Slabber is recommended for full-time slabbing operations or where the operation changes from circular to slab milling regularly.

The attachment is a hassle free and cost effective alternative for those more focused on cutting boards and beams, but still wanting to have the slabbing option available.

Dedicated Slabbing Mill

Designed specifically for cutting large timber slabs.

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Super Slabber

This is a complete stand-alone machine that is ideal for cutting large timber slabs greater than 1.9 metres in width.

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Slabbing Attachment

Slabbing Attachments are available to fit all Lucas Mill Models, and are compatible with both new and old machines.

Fitting the slabbing attachment to an existing machine is a simple process and should only take about 5-10 minutes.

It is an affordable option for those who would like to try slabbing or plan to use their mill mostly for cutting boards, but would still like to have the slabbing option.

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