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When is the Right Time to Change Your Sawmill Blade?

Good maintenance of the sawmill blades is critical to prolonging of blades life and making smooth cuts.

The right time to change your sawmill blade is after two hours of operation. Sawmill blades are changed up to four to six times a day by experienced sawyers who spend most of the day to mill commercially.

When a bearing behind your sawmill blade starts to spin, you can tell that it is time to change it. An occasional spin might not give room for immediate action, such as a spin that happens once in a while. However, your sawmill blade calls for immediate replacement when it starts to spin all the time. A recurring spin signifies that the blade is getting dull.

To increase your sawmill blade life, ensure that you sharpen your blades regularly. With this, it will maintain maximum accuracy and conduct. Lubricate the sawmill blade as this can lead to higher sawing performance and an increase in your sawmill blade life.

Also, ensure that you clean sand, stone, and other dirt-related material before cutting. Dirt can wear the teeth, affecting the functionality of your sawmill blade. A debarker can be used for this purpose.

Understanding several wood species and moisture content will also increase the lifespan of your blade. Different feed rates and cutting techniques are required for trees because they vary in density. The understanding of wood species is also required because sawing becomes more difficult when logs dry, and this is caused by a change in wood density.

Checking of airbags, hydraulic tensioners and springs periodically can be used to measure blade tension.

You know that your sawmill blade has to be changed when you notice that a bearing has started to spin. However, your sawmill blade life can be increased by adhering to proper maintenance such as the use of debarker to clean dirt from the log of your sawmill.

Lucas Mill Swing blade Sawmill is designed for production milling of saw logs on a commercial scale. Using the proven swing blade design to break down logs into accurate lumber, it is easier and much quicker. The carbide tipped blades do not require constant maintenance, making it less expensive to operate. These machines suit the harvesting of soft and hard timber species and it can be operated on any terrain. This versatility offers providers the ability to cut small and large boards, and minimize wastage.

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