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Lucas Mill Sawmill Vs. Wood-Mizer Sawmill: Which is Better?

Sawmills are important to a sawmill operator because they assist in processing wood with speed and accuracy. It can be set up on-site, they are a better replacement of drawknife, which was formerly used for the truing of logs. that are used in log construction and they can also be used to produce specialty hardwoods used in making furniture. 

To get the best benefit from a sawmill, it is pertinent to choose the right one that will meet your needs.

Lucas Mill and Wood-Mizer are two companies known for the sale of different types of sawmills, ranging from swing blade mill and bandsaw mill to chainsaw mill.  

To choose the right sawmill that will suit your needs, how will you ascertain which is better between Lucas Mill sawmill and Wood-Mizer Mill sawmill?

Let’s take a look at their profiles as well as their models, to see if they will perfectly meet with the needs of potential customers. 

Lucas Mill was founded on the intention to expand the horizons of landholders and small-medium forestry operators. They firmly believe in the provision of high-quality products at affordable prices. With the objectives of developing a timber-milling machine that is of high quality and affordable, simple to operate, and have the ability to display versatility and operate in any environment, Lucas Mill was established.

Wood-Mizer has offered people all over the world who are looking for the freedom to saw their own wood for-profits with portable sawmills. This has been done since 1982.

Wood-Mizer sawmill is engineered for quality and performance, and it offers a complete line of portable sawmills that are built for sawmill operators and woodworking hobbyists. 

Sawmill models: Lucas Mill sawmill vs Wood-Mizer sawmill 

Lucas Mill Circular Swing-Blade Mills portable sawmill: It has been their flagship product for 23 years. Designed to suit the harvesting of both hard and soft timber species, they can be operated on any terrain. The mill’s versatility provides operators with the ability to cut both small and large boards to specific dimensions.

Their most popular models are Model 10-15 Electric and Model 10-30. Model 10-15 is the ideal product for commercial operations in urban industrial zones. When operating in an enclosed environment and petrol fumes cannot be tolerated, model 10-15 Electric is the ideal machine.

Model 10-30 is the largest model in the Lucas Mill family. The machine is highly recommended for operations that mill large dimension boards regularly. 

When it comes to slabbing, Lucas Mill has three options- the Dedicated Slabber, Super Slabber, and the Slabbing Attachment. 

When operation changes from circular to slab milling regularly and for full-time slabbing operations, the Dedicated Slabber or Super Slabber is recommended. It is a cost-effective alternative for people more focused on cutting boards and beams, with the desire to have the slabbing option available. 

Dedicated Slabbing Mill is dedicated specifically for cutting large timber slabs and Super Slabber is a complete stand-alone machine perfect for cutting large timber slabs greater than 1.9 metres in width. 

Wood-Mizer Mill LT50 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill is a heavy-duty portable sawmill with advanced hydraulic log handling, chain turner, board return, precise outriggers, gas/diesel/electronic power and vertical supports. 

15 Portable Sawmill is a compact bandsaw mill with gas/diesel/electric power, crank feed, 17’ 8” log length, 28” log diameter and production up to 320 bf/hr. 

LT15START Portable Sawmill is an economical bandsaw mill for start-up sawyers with 11’ log length, 14HP gas engine and production up to 240 bf/hr.

Before buying a sawmill, you must determine the product and log size you want to cut to avoid wasting money on a mismatch. Based on the size of production, the capability and durability of the product must also be ascertained.

Based on the brief descriptions of some of the sawmill models of Lucas Mill and Wood-Mizer Mill, it is obvious that Lucas Mill is the winner. 

Lucas Mill has proven to be economical, effective and presents an individual or company with endless opportunities. It has also proven to be durable, versatile and portable. 

Products are supplied with a limited 3-year warranty against faulty parts and workmanship. 

A technical and sales team will be ready to assist you if you face any difficulties with the products. Click here to speak to one of our representatives.

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